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The Tag-Along: Devil Fish
The Tag-Along: Devil Fish

The Tag-Along: Devil Fish

When a spirit medium is called to exorcise a demon from a possessed man, he is unknowingly captured in the act by two students looking to document the process. When the students accidentally release the devil fish demon into the world, it is up to them and the spirit medium to send it back to the hellish world from where it came.

Genre: Horror

Actor: Vivian Hsu , Cheng JenShuo , Joe Chang , Wu ZhiXuan , Lung ShaoHua , Francesca Kao , Rainie Yang , Tiffany Hsu , WanRu Zhan

Director: David Chuang


Country: Taiwan

Release: 2018-11-23

Duration: 115 Min

Quality: HD Malay Sub

Rating: 0